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Springs of Health

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All of these efforts are helping to reduce the spread of waterborne disease and to prevent sickness such as diarrhea.

And as we work, our staff are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing beneficiaries come to faith in the Savior. 

Life in Cambodia’s rural, remote villages is often about day-to-day survival. Drought can leave hard-working farmers struggling to provide food for their families. Jobs are scarce and finding work can mean taking the risk of crossing an international border and working for minimal income. 

Even the most basic needs like clean water are hard to come by for impoverished families. 

Samaritan’s Purse is working in Cambodia to offer clean water access and to promote safe hygiene practices. We are providing household filters, wells, water tanks, and latrines.

In severe situations, villages lack access to a water source. Families do not have enough water to drink, much less to support livelihood endeavors such as growing crops or raising animals to sell. They also lack sufficient funds to dig household ponds or to drill wells.

Thang’s village had never had a well. They did have a rainwater storage tank, but the water in the tank was not clean, and during droughts they had to spend money on bottled water.

“I thought it would be impossible to get water here,” Thang said.

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